Red Bull Video “Locked In” Kayaking Papua New Guinea

Red Bull kayaking video “Locked In” takes kayaking to the limit of what’s humanly possible in Papua New Guinea!

Have you ever felt small?  Very small?  Well think again.

Ben Stookesberry, and Chris Korbulic take the ultimate plunge with Red Bull and show us what it means to be a tiny grain of sand on the cosmic shore, or in their case, the Papua New Guinea shore.  These Eddie Bauer athletes recently received the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Award, and for good reason.  At 16 days, and 16 gorges, let’s just say we are humbled to see people taking their craft and sport to such a limit.

Red Bull just released the film titled “Locked In” that showcases why these guys  their first descent of the Beriman Gorge in Papua New Guinea.  Be prepared for some nail-biting, edge of your seat madness in this one guys!

We hope you enjoy!

kayaking video of red bull first decent in Papua New Guinea

Kayaking is taken to the next level with this first decent by Ben Stookesbery and Chris Korbulic in Papua New Guinea.


Ben Stookesberry and a group of professional kayakers journey to the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea to attempt a first descent of the Beriman River, a 40km beast lined with sheer limestone walls, with no way out but to ride it to the ocean.