Kang Visits the Roof of the World

One of our friends, Kang Ho, recently traveled halfway across the world on a journey to visit and connect with his ancestral roots. Taiwan, where he was born and has living relatives, and the Tibetan region, where his paternal ancestors came from.

Kang is a very adventurous person and loves getting out into the mountains as much as possible. He’s no stranger to Colorado’s 14ers, so naturally, a trip to the “the roof of the world” would be one for the books.

The first part of Kang’s journey took him to Lhasa where he spent the next three days acclimating to altitude and jet lag. The elevation was well over 13,000 ft, and the days were sunny, cold, long, and extremely dry.

From Lhasa, he traveled to on Shigatse/Xigaze, the former capital of Tibet. Kang described the city center areas as “vibrant and lively.” “…Everyone gathers from the rural, upper plateau regions dressed in authentic clothing, especially given the Tibetan New Year time frame. Everyone is smiling. Everyone is happy. They carry on a very peaceful harmonious lifestyle.” 


Street vendors are mostly selling beautiful, colorful textiles, Tibetan singing bowls, crafts, hand held prayer wheels, and lots of yak butter.

These videos are an incredible glimpse of an evening stroll in a place few people are lucky enough to visit:

Kang and his group then traveled onward west along the Tibetan plateau, referred to as the Roof of the World, towards the North Face of the Himalayas for Mt. Everest (Qomolungma in Tibetan) base camp (18,500 ft).

There, they spent the night in a guest house being hosted by two kids (brother and sister) who were helping run the family business. The children spent the evening boiling water for their guests, and making sure everyone was warm and comfortable. 

Kang decided to pay it forward to his wonderful hosts by gifting them some Revel Gear power and light. Thanks for helping us light up the world, Kang!