Wild Barn Coffee: A Caffeine & Superfood Kick (That’s Way Too Good To Be True)

By: Edy Guy

Wild Barn Coffee is a story of two gals banning together to can cold brew, their drink of choice, that pairs best with outdoor adventure, fun, and friends. But this cold brew is turned up quite a few notches. Founders, Alyssa and Jenny have added the superfoods goji berries and cacao nibs to their recipe, making it a tastier and more amped up version than other cold brews on the market. Wild Barn was dreamed up outside among friends and their greatest inspiration, nature. 

The story starts with Jenny and her family’s coffee business, Red Barn Coffee, founded in Massachusetts in 1997.

Jenny learned how to make coffee from her family and began concocting her own experimental mixes when she returned to Colorado to be closer to the things she loves to do outside. Shortly after she realized that the grab-n-go coffee options at grocery stores were all full of sugar, dairy, or additives. As a coffee fanatic, she saw this as an opportunity. In 2018, Alyssa and Jenny created Wild Barn Coffee in Boulder, Colorado to create a coffee alternative that’s healthy and delicious with a brand personality to boot.

What sets Wild Barn Coffee aside is definitely the superfoods that are added. Cacao nibs and goji berries give you energy, which is just what you need during an active day spent outdoors. Alyssa and Jenny wanted a way to celebrate a big hike or a challenging climb while guaranteeing that the fun would go on.

They knew that their coffee was delicious with the superfoods, but went even further to make sure that the coffee was entirely ethical. Wild Barn Coffee partners with Jenny’s dad at Red Barn to source fair trade and solar-dried coffee beans that are made with 100% renewable energy. Coffee accounts for a huge portion of deforestation, so they knew their responsibility was to curb the effects it has on the planet. Wild Barn Coffee tastes o’ so much sweeter because of that!

But Wild Barn is more than a just a nitro cold brew. With Alyssa’s genius branding illustrating the product, they’ve mastered a “cheeky” feel that people can’t resist. When drinking Wild Barn there’s a sense that you’re participating in a lifestyle — that your day on the mountain, on the river, or climbing a slab is off to the best start or just beginning! 

In the male-dominated outdoor sports world, Alyssa and Jenny are paving a path for female-owned businesses with a fun-first approach. This freedom is apparent in their branding, from the booty out ski bum on their can, to the blinding sun and toothy grins everyone’s wearing in their photos. They’re living right and more than the coffee in the can, that’s what everyone loves about Wild Barn.

Wild Barn recently announced the release of their second product, Sunshine Brigade, a 12 oz. bag of whole bean, medium roast coffee that is being sold exclusively at Backcountry.com.

Imagine this…

“You wake to the roar of the camp-stove firing up; someone’s boiling water for coffee. Hot coffee. Stretching from your sleeping bag, eyes still closed, you take a cool breath and whisper, “hell yeah.” You slept outside your tent last night because the stars were too good for that nylon prison. Yeah, you might be a little hungover from the campfire conga line, and there might still be frost on the ground… but fear not! For the sun will soon rise over the canyon walls and blast your camp with magical energizing beams of sunshine. All you need now is to fill your tin cup and start your adventure.”

Now if that doesn’t feel like sunshine in a cup, we don’t know what does.

Check out Wild Barn Coffee on Instagram, or head on over to their website to learn more: https://wildbarncoffee.com/.