A West African Global Market is Born (That Puts Women and Wellness First): Djimi Djama

By: Edy Guy

Fatou, a beloved friend of ours, has a story we’ve been dying to tell. As the Founder of Agile International, she’s spearheading a global marketplace for women in West Africa that provides jobs, education, and resources to Mali. Now, in partnership with the newly launched platform called Djimi Djama, the mission is going global and roots have taken form in five new West African countries. 

Djimi Djama Marketplace

Agile focuses on sustainable food innovation, education, and entrepreneurship as the channels of opportunity to ignite change. Djimi Djama amplifies the skills and knowledge of rural African communities by training them in purse making and sustainable farming, then distributing their goods to build an economy in places where one doesn’t yet exist. 

The ripple effect of this mission is immense. Through education and the training of an entrepreneurial spirit, women are providing for their families with direct financial payoff. These financial gains are then put back into the local areas for infrastructure, further education, and easier access to resources. A leading goal of Agile and Djimi Djama’s mission is to increase accessibility to clean water – a necessity none of us can (or should) live without. 

Sustainable farming was an initial focus of the project. Chemicals and pesticides used for a higher yield were making people sick and Agile acknowledged that without sustenance and a well body, nothing else could change. From there, women were trained to make beautiful purses, knowing that their mastery of the art would be valued everywhere. With nearly 3,000 items sold, the purses have funneled 162k dollars into their economy.

This business model is the way of the future. Putting women in positions of power and prioritizing localized communities is important to the way that we think about the path to success at Revel. We’re celebrating this example today and hope it serves as a guiding light for you too!

Please consider supporting Djimi Djama‘s mission by shopping their beautiful handmade bags on their website: https://djimidjama.com/pages/collections, knowing that by doing so you’re saying yes to a brighter future for everyone to Revel in.