Gift Guide: Shop Women-Led This Holiday and Beyond

Did you know that 52% of the professional-level workforce is comprised of women?

Who run the word? (Girls.)

That being said, within S&P 500 Companies, women are only 25% of executive and senior-level officials, 20% of board seats, and if you can believe it, only 6% of CEOs.

We believe that every day is a day to support women in business. That’s why we decided to highlight our favorite female-led brands this season – and perhaps some of the ones you love to.





Half Days:

Half Days makes outerwear for women. Said to keep warmth in and bad vibes out, their eco-friendly apparel is made using minimal waste policies, 100% vegan practices, and recycled materials. For them, the mountains are all about bringing people together and creating real experiences. Half Days strives to build and connect an inclusive community that transforms the outdoor industry by inviting everyone to the party! Shop here.



Evolved Motion:

Emily Schromm is a personal trainer, crossfit coach, athlete, nutritionist, and now, inventor! The lightbulb moment for Evolved Motion came to Emily when she was desperate to work out while staying in a hotel with no gym. She didn’t just want to do typical bodyweight movements, she wanted to lift! So, she stuffed her suitcase with everything she had and she lifted until she was sore. From there, the desire to create something that would allow for an amazing workout no matter where she traveled continued to grow in her mind. Her solution? The EmPack: A highly engineered travel bag that allows you to do your workout anywhere – just add water. Shop here.




This eco-friendly pet product company is owned and operated by Noelle Mojica and her three inspiring daughters: Ashlynn, Cameron, and Maylee. WALK began following a series of persistent requests by the Mojica sisters for a new four-legged friend to join their family (RIP sweet Snoozer). Since a new dog wasn’t exactly in the budget, Noelle decided to empower her girls and create a business that could help supplement the expense of a new dog. This pack of wonderful minds got to work studying every dog leash out there and identifying areas for improvement. The result? Adda-WALK: A dog leash that is unapologetically awesome. Not to mention, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Shop here.



Kula Cloth:

This is perhaps the best piece of gear you never knew you needed. The Kula Cloth is an antimicrobial pee cloth for when nature calls while you’re out in nature. This reusable wipe is portable – it snaps onto your pack, discrete – it folds up after each use for privacy, and sustainable – the less toilet paper out on the trails, THE BETTER! It’s a little lifesaver for all the places you “go.” Shop here.



Djimi Djama:

Djimi Djama is a platform that connects handmade African goods to global markets. They recently launched their business and are currently offering a variety of stunning handmade purses by women in Africa. These women have been trained in the art of purse making as a means to empower themselves and earn a living doing so. From clutches to side slings, there’s a bag for everyone here. (We especially enjoy using their large happy hour bags for carrying a laptop to and from meetings!) Shop here. 




Handyma’am Goods:

When Bella Weinstein found herself underwhelmed by the selection of durable clothing made for women with a can’t-sit’still lifestyle, she decided to make her own. With no design or fashion experience, Bella dove straight into the process of creating a highly technical silhouette for women, and the rest is her-story. The Handyma’am line includes kickass coveralls, draprons, overalls, coats, tees, boots, bandanas, and more. Responsibly made in the USA and ready to live up to its good reputation. Shop here.



The Mala Mama:

Aubrey Mable, otherwise known as the Mala Mama creates beautiful handmade malas with intention in the sunshiny mountains of Colorado. Malas are ancient tools developed to keep the mind focused and clear from thoughts. For Aubrey, wearing a mala is a reminder to stay grounded and be intentional. Each mala is made completely custom for the wearer based off of a questionnaire you must complete at checkout (a detail we love!). Shop here.



Western Rise:

Western Rise is a women-led menswear brand that aims to eliminate the need for multiple layers of clothing when you embark on your next adventure. Their theory: one set of performance clothing is all you need for anything that comes your way. Their collection uses the highest quality materials from the best suppliers, and follows a style guide that ensures each piece is a timeless classic within your wardrobe. Shop here.



Past Life the Collective:

This zero-waste, small batch, slow-fashion clothing brand is on a mission the #unfuckthefuture. By intentionally creating pieces using deadstock fabrics, they are eliminating “waste” from landfills while introducing clothes that will never collect dust on a shelf. Once something is sold out, it’s gone forever, so don’t delay! Shop here.



SheFly Apparel:

Because every woman has – at one point in her life – wished for a built-in zipper that allows her to answer nature’s call without having to take her pants off. These beautifully constructed outdoor performance pants feature the SheFly, a patent-pending zipper design that every pair of pants without one is missing. Please note: The SheFly team of unstoppable women have placed all Pre-Orders on hold due to COVID-19’s impact on manufacturing. They are currently selling gift cards this holiday as they work to resume production during these uncharted times. Shop here.




Claire Sonnier Studio:

We are obsessed with Claire’s jewelry. She is an extremely accomplished jeweler and her work totally shows it. She has been working with her hands for as long as she can remember, and she feels her purpose in life is to connect people with beauty and meaning through creation. Her pieces use raw textures and ethically sourced materials which are formed to absolute perfection from her at-home studio. Fun fact: Claire made our wedding rings! She has some incredible work up for sale on her website, and she is always excited to take on custom projects and create magic just for you. Shop here.



Independent Mountain Jewelry:

Erin is the designer and rock nerd behind Independent Mountain Jewelry. She draws inspiration from family adventures in the mountains and around their historic mining town. She creates bespoke treasures that can be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime. Her shop currently offers stunning  jewelry, as well as stone inlaid belt buckles and pocket knives. Shop here.



Powers Provisions:

Powers Provisions is an online storefront crafted by Gretchen Powers and her wife Kaleigh Wood. Together, they curate goods ranging from prints and postcards, to beaded jewelry and cozy knits made by Gretchen herself. Over the years, Powers Provisions has collaborated with artists and makers who Gretchen calls friends because she believes in community over competition and aims to continue to curate a beautiful mercantile highlighting all kinds of artists work. Shop here.



Alpine Fit:

Alpine Fit creates impeccably made performance-wear for both men and women using fits for a variety of different body proportions. Their odor-resistant fabrics keep your clothes fresher for longer, and all materials are responsibly sourced and as technical as you will ever need. Alpine Fit products are certified made in Alaska and assembled in their Anchorage workshop. (We own a few of their baselayers and we highly recommend them!) Shop here.




Bow Mountain Pottery:

Jules Fallman is the badass behind Bow Mountain Pottery. Through her clay habit turned side hustle, Jules aims to create functional pottery for everyday use. Her pieces speak for themselves; organic shapes and whimsical textures draw you in easily earning themselves a place on your shelf. But what we love most about Bow Mountain is following along Jules’ journey on Instagram and witnessing the love and passion she pours into her work. Shop here.



Honing Her Craft:

Journalist Amelia Arvesan is always cooking up something creative. She recently launched Honing Her Craft into the cosmos, a weekly newsletter focused on womxn in the creative fields. When you subscribe, you can expect to be introduced to a diverse set of female-identifying artists, writers, poets, graphic designers, brewers, bakers, photographers, filmmakers, speakers, planners, inventors, and others. Each week, meet a new creator who opens up about how she made her craft into her living.

Besides being a badass writer, Amelia just opened up a shop offering original embroidery and cross stitch kits that are super cute! Shop here.



Maus Creative:

Laura is the master illustrator behind Maus Creative, a design studio offering paintings and prints you need in your home. Laura’s purposeful design is done by hand involving calligraphy ink, ultra-precise line work, and sometimes water color. We love following along on her creative journey and we hope you will too! Ps. She does incredible brand identity work and is open to new clients and collaborations. Shop here.



Cedar + Hyde:

Based in Boulder, CO this family-run modern boutique offering a little bit of everything, and it’s all amazing. Their products are as unique as the designers behind them. Ranging in goods from ceramics, candles, pillows and linens, to eclectic barware and funky artwork, there really is something for everyone here. Not to mention, their clothing and accessory collections are guaranteed to elevate your vibe. Shop here.



Jitterbug Art Studio:

This one woman show + artistic powerhouse is the result of Latasha Dunston’s ability to bring brushstrokes to life, and she does so quite beautifully. Illustration is her craft, but nature is where she fills her creative cup to the brim. Her pieces are detailed, playful, and often make a powerful statement. Shop here.




Located in the heart of downtown Asheville, NC, Ware is an independent retailer offering sustainable essentials for those looking to waste less. Sometimes it’s locally made, sometimes it’s recycled, sometimes it’s vegan, sometimes it’s all of those things. Ware offers beautiful products that aren’t a hazard to people and the planet, and a platform for sustainably produced products from ethical brands to thrive. Shop here.



Hydrascape Stickers:

Hydrascape Stickers is the brainchild of Gretchen Leggitt, an illustrator and mural artist based in Bellingham, WA. While working on a large mural of the North Cascades, Gretchen contemplated atmospheric perspective and how manipulating the scale, hue, and value of overlapping layers added depth to a landscape. That’s when an idea struck for Infinity Stickers: Extra long stickers that create infinite landscapes around any surface. And they’re so much fun. Shop here.





Marble Distillery:

Mable Distillery creates “Cocktails with a conscience.” These delicious spirits are crafted in small batch quantities and made from scratch using natural Colorado grains and pure crystal river water. Fun fact: They are a zero waste distillery, and the business is run by a devoted team of friends and family led by Queen Bee Connie Baker. Shop here.



Vermont Sticky:

Krista Powers moved from Vermont to Crested Butte in the late 90s – but that doesn’t mean she forgot her Vermont roots. Those roots include maple syrup production starting back with Grandpa Archie in 1959. Recently, Krista has taken that small business to new levels with her company Vermont Sticky which offers tasty and organic creations of maple syrup, maple sugar, and her latest product endeavor, powdered hydration products. PSA: If you’ve never tried maple sugar before (in your coffee in particular), it is a must! Shop here.



Golden Root:

Stir, sip, savor, and feel your best with Golden Root’s turmeric-inspired products aimed at reducing inflammation. “Golden Root was born out of a curiosity to reduce inflammation in my own body by using turmeric in anything and everything in the kitchen.” Finally, Andrea landed on a recipe which was equally convenient (well-suited for on-the-go consumption) and delicious! Her turmeric latte mixes are divine and serve up the same amount of energy as a cup of coffee without any of the jitters or sleep disruption. Shop here.



Wild Barn Coffee:

Wild Barn Coffee is a story of two gals banning together to can cold brew, their drink of choice, that pairs best with outdoor adventure, fun, and friends. But this cold brew is turned up quite a few notches. Founders, Alyssa and Jenny have added the superfoods goji berries and cacao nibs to their recipe, making it a tastier and more amped up version than other cold brews on the market. Wild Barn was dreamed up outside among friends and their greatest inspiration, nature. Shop here.





Little Renegades:

Give the gift of presence to your little ones this season! These adorable children’s activity cards contain everyday exercises well suited for daytime and nighttime. Each card promotes positivity, stillness, and joy. Unleash those little warriors! Shop here.



Big Raven Yoga: 

“Yoga mats pretty enough to hang on a wall. But tough enough to put on the floor.” Thanks to a grippy microfiber surface bonded to a 100% biodegradable natural tree rubber base, the more you sweat, the more you grip! Shop here.




LVDY’s magical sound is an ideal recipe of singer-songwriter, folk, dance, pop, and electronic synth, with powerful melodies and harmonies that speak to the senses. Wether you’re cozied up with a cup of tea, or cruising to your next destination, we highly recommend giving them a listen – and while you’re at it, check out their merch shop which includes this deliciously-good-smelling candle (made in collaboration with Wolly Wax Candles). Shop here.



Wooly Wax Candles:

Speaking of candles, the Wooly Wax Candle line evolved from a 20+ year chef career and an insatiable curiosity to understand the correlation between taste and scent profile. The goal at Wooly Wax is to collaborate and create a customized scent in small pour batches. They’re a proud Denver business who place high value on local business and the hard work that goes into creating something great. Their online shop has a great selection of ready-to-buy candles, as well as other scented luxuries including face mists, soaking salts, and more. Shop here. 



Sophia Rose:

Get in touch with your witchy side with Sophia Rose’s herbal medicines. Handmade in small batches with a deep respect for the process. Each remedy is made in accordance with the lunar phases, beginning with the new moon and concluding with the full moon (when the potions are bottled). Sophia Rose places high value on reciprocity and donates a percentage of revenue to BIPOC-led organizations. All products are ethically made and abide by their Wholehearted Wildcrafting policy. Shop here.



Mythic Medicine:

Mythic Medicine is the brainchild of mother, writer, teacher, and herbalist Amber Magnolia. Her beautiful collection of organic wildcrafted plant medicine will heal your ailments and leave you feeling more connected with your ancestral roots. And let’s be honest, everyone could benefit from a little Elderberry Elixir in their lives this year! Shop here.



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