A Crazy Year Called for Toyotas and Ample Outside Time

By: Edy Guy

As many of you know, we exist to tell your stories, the people that believe in the power of light and bringing it to as many people as possible. 

Meet Virgil — father, Toyota Four Runner enthusiast, front-line worker, and outdoorsman. He also happens to be one of our most loyal customers. 

As a Respiratory Care Worker Virgil has had his fair share of days standing beside people in the thick of our global pandemic. Working most days is rewarding, but tiresome he says. And getting outside with his family is the thing that recharges and reminds him that there’s still joy to be had. Most of the time this joy is found when he’s ripping on the trails with Team Battle 4 Toyota, a squad of Toyota addicts, followed by a meal around the campfire with his family. His MO is pretty simple: share outdoor experiences with more people and have a good time.

Virgil remembers using Revel Gear lights for the first time with his kids after a long drive to a campsite. The kids were exhausted, so him and his wife assumed it would be business as usual — a quick dinner and then right to bed. Instead, Virgil strung Revel Gear lights around the site. Paired with the burst of energy from dinner, there was a new burst of life. His son’s eyes widened in awe. “Wow,” he said, “this feels just like our backyard parties at home.” 

The sentiment stuck out to Virgil as the key indicator of light as goodness: home and being wrapped in safety, warmth, and love. “Light means the party goes on, the fun doesn’t end, and that there’s more time to spend together,” Virgil says. 

Him and his family are looking forward to more time spent outside in 2021 while focusing on their health. In many ways, more time outside was an unexpected gift of 2020 and one that they won’t be leaving behind in the year ahead. In this funny way, the most challenging year of many of our lives was also a year of illumination, shining a light on what really matters and how we can continue to focus on those things in the years to come.

These memories, in big part, mirror the beliefs we have at Revel and how we got through the year ourselves. We tried to focus on what was in front of us, making it as sweet and light-filled as we could. We learned that staying small and really fostering more love and extending help to those closest to us, while accepting their help too, made a difference that had the potential to ripple out to reach more people.

And if your curious to learn more about the products Team Battle knows and trusts, check out Virgil’s Amazon storefront for all things camping and off road.

Or check out his Youtube for an inside look at how to really #getyourwheelsdirty!