Functional Gear for Great Adventure: Meet Expedition Essentials

By: Edy Guy

Jeff and Melissa are avid adventurers with a keen eye for what every single one of us needs to make our time on the road that much more functional and fun. They’re the owners of Expedition Essentials, an innovative, family-run company based out of Ferndale, Washington. 

The kinds of gadgets you find on their website are truly some of the most necessary: powered accessory dash mounts, backup power packs, on board air solutions, recovery board mounts, and tailgate tables. For every unexpected blip on the road, Expedition has a remedy

When asked which product they’re most proud of, Melissa and Jeff say the ExO table is one of their earliest inventions that they’re still most fond of. “It broke the mold for tailgate tables, combining a tailgate with a compact kitchen,” Jeff says. The design saves space and makes your trunk door, typically a space that isn’t utilized, useful.

Melissa and Jeff’s favorite trip was from their home in WA to AZ, taking back roads the whole way with their son Cobin. Their family comprises the entire team. His daughter is currently designing her own line of textile goods to go alongside the other essential products. 

Both Revel Gear and Expedition Essentials exist for similar reasons and that’s why we’ve been kindred souls since the beginning. When doing something new, it’s vital to have others around you bridging into new gear categories too. Keep Expedition Essentials in mind the next upgrade you make to your adventure vehicle!

And, check out this virtual tour of their new shop. Congratulations Jeff & Melissa, we’re so excited for this next chapter at EE!