Adventures of an Orange Subaru and our spankin’ new orange lights

By: Edy Guy

Fred and Amanda are the owners of the addictive account @Burnt_Trekky that features their kitted out orange Subaru. After they bought lights from us back in 2019, they sent us some epic photos of how they set them up and we knew that we had to learn more about their lifestyle and what inspires them.

Located on the Oregon coast, Fred works for the Coast Guard while Amanda takes care of their daughter Alana, their five-year-old who’s been a camping enthusiast since seven months old. They created their social account to document the places they go in hopes that other people will feel inspired to get out and enjoy life on their time off. When it comes to planning adventures, they usually decide on a destination together. It wasn’t until COVID hit that Fred really took up photography and added a whole new layer to the pictures you see on their feed

Their favorite trip was to the Southern Oregon coast where they camped along the Chetco River. “The views were endless and we couldn’t have asked for a better night under the stars,” Fred says.

When the idea struck to extend our Trail Hound™ USB Camping Light Collection to include a dreamy orange hue, we knew there was no better duo to help us than Fred and Amanda. 

Their daughter Alana is featured on the packaging of our newest line extension, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Because she loves being outdoors so much, playing in the dirt, and star gazing, Fred and Amanda bought her a pop up tent for her bedroom and adorned it with our new orange strands. We thought it perfectly encapsulates the child-like wonder good lighting makes people feel. We can’t thank them enough for bringing so much spirit to our newest line of lights.