Jennifer Love Takes American Sign Language Outside (and Inspires the Deaf Community to Follow Suit)

By: Abby Scott

The great outdoors really is for everybody. No one needs to own it in order for us to respect it, steward it, and enjoy it. We’re stoked to see inclusive messaging from outdoor bands and the sharing of information from a diverse array of content creators that grants even more accessibility to people who have historically been excluded from natural spaces, outdoor activities, and mountain sports. 

Because we want to keep this momentum going, we’ve partnered with Jennifer Love, the founder and lead content creator behind Pines and Peaks. Love created this online space with the intention of connecting people from the Deaf community and inspiring all individuals to enjoy the outdoors in whatever way suits their needs and is gentle on Mother Nature. Pines and Peaks’ goal is to break down communication barriers, inspire Deaf people to explore nature, and joyfully receive its many benefits.

Currently, Pines and Peaks functions as an online-based community where Love shares her experiences in nature and offers tips, tricks, and travel hacks for Deaf people looking to level up their outdoor adventure game. 

A Childhood Observation as a Catalyst for Change

Love explains, “Growing up camping with my family, I have always had a passion for the outdoors and wanted to connect with other Deaf individuals who shared the same love for nature. However, there was a lack of accessible information and role models in the Deaf community, which led to the founding of Pines and Peaks.” 

On her website, Love also shares that she’s fluent in American Sign Language and looks forward to using Pines and Peaks to “empower more individuals to enjoy the outdoors. By breaking down communication barriers, I hope to inspire and encourage Deaf people to explore nature and discover all the incredible benefits it has to offer.”

Love posts informative reels on @pinesandpeaks that teach viewers sign language related to natural occurrences. These engaging clips make it easy for all people to learn ASL for seasonal signs like bloom, spring, rainy, and more. Check out Love’s take on ASL signs for camp lighting! 

Navigating in the Dark

Love explains that the partnership with Revel Gear facilitates communication between Deaf people by providing a necessary tool – light. Deaf people camping together are able to converse with each other more easily well after the sun has set. “Revel Gear provides accessible gear and lighting that helps the Deaf community converse and navigate in the dark, which aligns with the needs of the Deaf community that Pines and Peaks serve.” Based in upstate New York, Love sees the future of Pines and Peaks and her own journey as a continuation of the work she’s already investing in – inspiring Deaf people to pave their own path in outdoor adventuring. Know someone who could benefit from connecting with this rad community? Find Jennifer Love on Instagram and TikTok