Lighting Magic: Transforming Your Hotel or Airbnb for Ultimate Comfort

By: Abby Fountain

Hotel rooms. Some of us love them, some of us hate them. Usually, our sentiments depend on the reason we find ourselves in them. From work trips to romantic staycations, it’s nice to make a space your own. Revel Gear’s string lights travel light but have maximum bang-for-your-carry-on-capacity and easily add character (and a bit of magic) to drab hotel rooms or minimalistic Airbnbs. Here are other ways to transform your hotel room into a special sanctuary while traveling light.

Lighting is Everything

Nothing kills the mood faster than one sad yellow lamp or bright overhead fluorescent bulb. Understandably, most hotel rooms want to save a few bucks and therefore cut corners on interior design. With the help of packable, portable, affordable string lights, you can bypass whatever dull hotel room lighting they’ve stuck ya with by bringing your own. String up our 30-foot strands around the headboard, along the dresser, or even along the shower curtain rod to create a chiller vibe. 

Regarding colors, we’ve got options. Turn up the party vibes with a rainbow strand or cultivate chill with a deep blue and tranquil teal. Hosting an impromptu girls’ night with some new friends from down the hall? Pop the bubbly and line the baseboards with hot pink and cool white to channel some fun energy. With ten colors, your options are (nearly) endless. 

BYO (Pillow, Robe, Slippers)

Little luxury items are easy to stow away, especially when checking your luggage. Bring one of your favorite pillows or, if traveling light, your pillowcase. Have a favorite pair of slippers or fuzzy socks that keep your toes warm? Toss those in too. Don’t skip out on bringing a few of your favorite things. This can make all the difference from feeling like you’re living in a foreign landscape to settling in and nesting – even if it’s just for the night.

Snacks on Deck

Don’t wait until the last minute to grab a few snacks because chances are what the front desk clerk is peddling ain’t gonna cut it. Stop by a grocery store or local market for your favorite items. Dark chocolate, pretzels, hummus, and a few pieces of fruit can go a long when you return to your hotel room from a long conference, workshop, or day of adventuring. Stock that pantry and chances are you’ll feel a little more at home.

The Nose Knows

Each of our homes has a distinct personality and within that personality lives certain scents that trigger our brain into knowing we’ve arrived at our sanctuary. Pack one or two of your favorite essential oils and a small spray bottle. Upon arrival, mix a few drops of scented oil with water and spray away. Pillows, comforters, chairs, and more. Pretend like you’re in a Febreeze commercial and get crazy with it. Next, slip on your robe, turn your string lights on, grab a handful of popcorn, and relax. 

Staying in hotels – even the cheap ones – can be fun with some forethought. Pack a couple of creature comforts to notably level up your on-the-road lodging game.