Creative Thanksgiving Table Settings

By: Abby Fountain

Setting a beautiful table for Thanksgiving isn’t just about creating an aesthetically pleasing – an Instagrammable – arrangement of plates, mains, and decorations. It’s about cultivating an atmosphere that invites people to gather, share, relax, and embrace this cherished holiday’s significance. A thoughtfully adorned table serves as a canvas to paint memories and moments. For awkward gatherings or groups slow to warm up, funky decorative elements can act as a conversation starter. Don’t just set out a stack of paper plates this year, instead, channel your inner artist and get creative with these helpful Thanksgiving Day table-setting tips.

Mix & Match Tableware

Dust off grandma’s old china and bust out your favorite thrifted platters for a truly boho-chic Thanksgiving Day table. Layer soft textiles as tablecloths, place throw pillows in chairs, and light candles to create a laid-back vibe. Blending vintage and modern creates a comforting yet chic aesthetic that is picture-worthy.

Personalize Your Place Settings

Instead of simple place cards or making a general seating arrangement, include handwritten notes at each spot. Express gratitude for each guest or tell them what you admire about them and why they add value to your life. Bonus points for adding a small gift that reminded you of them or a memento from a past shared memory.

Light It Up

We’re big fans of fostering a welcoming mood via cheerful lighting. String Revel Gear lights along the table, buffet, and light fixture to create a soft ambiance and skip out on the harsh overhead glow. Pair with candles for a warm, bright feel that also allows guests to see what’s on their plates. No matter your color scheme, we’ve got something that goes.

Invite New Traditions

Ask your guests to bring a hallmark from their family Thanksgiving Days to add to the table. For some, this might resemble a gigantic paper turkey, for others, they might supply holiday crackers and paper crowns. Everyone’s celebration looks different and, including special mementos, decor, or activities from your loved ones’ memories is a great way to learn more about each other and celebrate in a completely new way.

Follow Nature’s Lead

Craft a gorgeous tablescape by looking to Mother Nature, the most skilled artist of all. Include colors in her pallet during this time of year – orange, yellow, tan, dark evergreen, and various shades of brown. Fill a beautiful bowl with pinecones or trim evergreen branches to lay down the middle of the table as a centerpiece. Support the local farmstand and grab some gourds, pumpkins, and squash that serve as table decoration and party favors once the day is done. 

A picturesque tablescape often comes second to all of the food prep and cooking happening on Thanksgiving Day. This year, make the creative endeavor a top priority. The process of imagining, planning, and seeing your design come to life is likely to reduce stress and bring you more into the moment. Foster a safe, warm, welcoming environment that allows your guests to leave worries at the door and step into a place of presence and gratitude.