Part 2: Small Business Holiday Shopping Guide

By: Christine Hopwood

This holiday season, we want to bring you a guide that highlights the small brands that we’ve come to know and love, to help you shop tiny when picking out the perfect gifts for your loved ones (or yourself). Along with our friends and family, we’ve come together to pull our favorite go-to brands that we think everyone should know about, as well as a couple bonus ones we have found along the way. We’ve poured our hearts into this and we hope to have brought something for everyone from small businesses, to artists, podcasts and places to donate. Enjoy Part 2!

// Self Care



Ret and Adriaan invented the natural remedies of Ned. to help keep you feeling your best every day. They have a variety of holistic self-care tinctures and blends to help with a good sleep, stress, keeping your immunity up, and more. We’re a big fan of their herbal sleep remedies. They are also supporters of many environmental and preservation initiatives. @ned






Jack Henry

Founded by Kyle, Jack Henry is a wellness brand built on ethically sourced clean ingredients. Put together your full hair and face care essentials kit knowing you don’t have to worry about what’s inside it. @jackhenryco






The Gut Health Company

Jordan and Steve are making powering our bodies and improving gut health easier, with a one stop shop for all the goodies we need to be living our best. Take the quiz to help determine any possible stomach disorders and learn which products are going to help get you back to feeling great. In a world full of fillers and processed foods, many of us could use the Gut Health Company in our lives.






Mycolove Farm

Jake, Leo, Shane, and Michael created their Colorado-based culinary mushroom farm supplying all of the mushroom extract tinctures you can dream of. These are great for your coffee/tea, we’re obsessed and use this every day! They also offer mushroom cultivation workshops. We love the lions mane for focus on weekdays! It’s one of our favorite entrepreneur hacks 😉 @mycolovefarm






// Feel Good Items


Jennifer Cervelli Jewelry

Jennifer used the joys of our planet earth to inspire her to create her Los Angeles based hand-crafted jewelry business. Many include beautiful natural stones adding a colorful addition to any outfit. She is also recognized as a California Certified Green Business for her ethical and sustainable business practices including recyclable shipping materials and even melts down metals to recycle into her jewelry. @jennifercervellijewelry





Titty City Design

Jessy is mixing motherhood and artistic doodles to create an upbeat, inviting, body-positive brand that is celebrating the boobies of the world and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. @tittycitydesign






The Art of Soil

Karen, a soil scientist based in Wyoming has taken her learnings to create her woman-owned, soil-based, ecologically friendly water-color paints in a number of wooden travel-sized compartments of different quantities, perfect for an artist at any stage of their painting journey. These are naturally made and so beautiful. Feel a connection to nature while working on your own earthly creations. @theartofsoil






Rock Salt Vintage Jewelry

Kate is based out of Ohio but spends her time exploring the outdoors and using her experiences to inspire her gorgeous handmade jewelry. She has hiked many, many trails including the PCT. These beautiful pieces (we personally want them all!) are made with love to last and will make heirlooms to be passed down through generations. @rocksaltvintage






V Steiner Art

Veronica is a Florida-based art teacher turned insanely talented creator of nature-inspired art, bringing wildlife to life on the page. She often uses her talent to bring awareness to issues in the environment and at-risk or endangered species. @v.steiner








Stained Glass by Mazzi

We came across Mazzi while parusing instagram (don’t we all find hidden gems this way?) and were immediately drawn to her stained glass creations. She also is raising money for medical aid for Palestinians, so if you feel inclined please head over to the link in her bio to donate.

MysteryGlassArt – Etsy Canada @mystery_glass






Siggi’s Workshop

John is located in Colorado and makes ornaments, super cute wood earrings, and even something for the dogs – beautifully crafted wooden dog treat holders. You can find his small shop on etsy. @siggisworkshop





Hazel Owry

Sarah is Veronica’s sister (art runs in their blood in this family!) and she is a full-time mama and maker of adorable little sculpted resin owls and friends being adopted out to loving homes. She is always coming up with different themes from Harry Potter, holidays, birthstones, bits of nature, candy, etc. Hazel Owlery has accumulated quite the community of loyal followers who are on the ball with selling out the Owlrey at every shop update within minutes so be sure to be there as soon as a new batch drops to get one of these one of a kind, adorable companions.  Sarah also donates to a cause with every sale! @hazelowlery




// Small Business Needs


The Road Through My Eyes

Brenda is a Designer and Copywriter who was recently laid off and has decided to venture out on her own freelancing. Treat yourself or a beloved entrepreneur by investing in a small business by supporting a fellow small business. Brenda offers graphic design, copywriting, social media management and will even help you plan the layout for your home on wheels! She does all of this while on the road exploring in her van Copper with her trusty sidekick Ranger. Dream life, right? Let’s build her up and get the word out!






// Bringing Community Together


Mwebaza Foundation

Give the gift of necessities this holiday season for the members of a Ugandan community. You can purchase highly important items for them such as eggs, honey and farm animals. You will receive a certificate to gift to your friends and family members if you purchase on their behalf. What a wonderful Christmas tradition to start! To go along with it, you can also purchase beautifully hand crafted stuffed animals and jewelry made by the locals – be sure to place your orders by Dec 15th to make sure they arrive in time for Christmas. @mwebazafoundation



Small Acre Farm

Located in Colorado, Small Acre Farm celebrates the traditional ways of creating useful items, taking us back to our roots and reminding us to slow down and see how enjoyable life can be when done simply. Give the gift of experiences with one of their weaving classes, fill your stockings with farm goods, or stop by to visit with their farm animals with an array of goats, sheep, and dogs.




Move Your Mood

Come shimmy, shake, and sweat your way to mental clarity with our bestie Angela’s virtual dance parties otherwise known as, Move Your Mood! There’s proof that moving our bodies promotes the production of feel-good hormones which alleviate stress, so why not give it a go?! Sessions are virtual and your first one is free! @moveyourmoodmama







Revel Girl

As many of you know, our Co-Founder Kody has launched Revel Gear’s sister brand, Revel Girl. This is your one-stop-shop for women made products along with the newly available ‘Shine’ hats, equipped with a spot for your ponytail. Take a look through the maker’s market for handmade gifts from women creators, and if you’re a maker yourself, give her a shout in the ‘call for brands’ section so we can get you onboarded. Maybe you’ll be in this list next year too!  @rvlgrl







LVDY Music

Kathleen and Aubrey of LVDY are a Colorado-based singer/songwriter duo lighting up the airwaves with their beloved music. These lovely ladies hold a very special place in our hearts. Not only can you attend their live shows but they also have a killer merch collection of take-home items to remember them by. They make custom candles that smell amazing and also offer beanies, baby onesies, t-shirts of all sizes, etc. Give them a listen!





// Supporting Podcasters



Hosted by Heather and Christie – a true crime, paranormal, and all things sinister podcast hosted by two hilarious comedians from Texas. @sinisterhoodpod







National Park After Dark

Hosted by Danielle and Cassie – learn about the history of our favorite National Parks with some true crime, cryptids and mysteries thrown in for good measure. @nationalparkafterdark



The Adventure Podcast

Hosted by Matt – extremely interesting podcast for all adventure lovers, each episode interviews incredible people from all walks of life doing amazing things in the outdoors. @theadventurepodcast



Help Me, I’m Scared.

Hosted by our dear friend and beloved Denver comedian, Katie Bowman – Deep dive into chats about horror films, if you are a lover of the scaries, this one’s for you.







How I Built This

Hosted by Guy – follow along on interviews with entrepreneurs starting from the bottom and building their way up, touching on their experiences along the way. If you need some inspiration to get started on your own business or side hustle, here’s a good place to start. How I Built This – Wondery Shop @howibuiltthis