Brian Plavnicky REVEL GEAR

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Brian Plavnicky

Founder & Chief Lighting Officer
Kody Harlin Plavnicky REVEL GEAR

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Kody Plavnicky

Co-Founder & Director of Marketing

We can often be found frequenting the amazing camping and hiking trails of Boulder, Colorado or climbing one of the beautiful peaks Colorado has to offer.  Situated at the gateway of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, REVEL GEAR is nestled in a community of outdoor enthusiasts, health nuts, and happy people.  If you are interested in joining our team, have a question about one of our products, or are just looking for someone to go on a hike with, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


We are always on the lookout for innovative companies and partners who are also on a mission to do good, and have fun.  If your organization works in energy-poor areas, or even if you are simply going on a trip somewhere that needs lights, please contact us and let us know!  With your help, we can accomplish our goal of lighting one million lives.


P.O. Box 18267

Boulder, CO 80308




Monday-Friday 9am – 6pm


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