Access to energy is essential to reduce poverty.  


In Africa alone, there are 2x as many people as the United States, Mexico and Canada combined who still don’t have access to electricity.  In fact, there are more people living today without lights than when Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb!

Children who study with a solar light study for 75% longer than those who use kerosene. 


It is not just studying that’s better with light. Business owners report a 25% increase in income when able to operate at night. Households can save hundreds of dollar a year not buying kerosene.

Each solar light shining means one less kerosene lamp in the world, or around 441 pounds less carbon dioxide per year. 

This means one less person breathing in carbon dioxide while trying to read a book and one less person exasperating the current global warming situation.  We think it’s a no brainer, do you agree?

It’s more than just lights.  


Mobile phones keep people in touch with family and friends, and give access to information, entertainment and mobile money. Being able to charge a mobile phone with a solar home system is an added advantage. Solar power enables people in off-grid homes to stay connected to the world, without the cost and effort of sending phones to be charged in far off towns.

Distribution Partners

Agile International Inc.:

Agile International Inc. is a not-for-profit public utility corporation, operated exclusively for educational purposes and charitable organization within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Agile International’s mission is to return Western Africa to food abundance by empowering local women farmers and restoring the cultural wisdom that underlies traditional sustainable agriculture. They seek to break free from the endless cycle of foreign aid and food imports by producing nutritious food that generates enough income to support and educate children, while preserving the cultures and customs that create strong families and communities.

You can learn more about Agile International Inc. by visiting their about us page, or more importantly supporting them through a direct donation.

REVEL GEAR has been collaborating with Agile International since our inception in 2015 with the goal of sharing resources and expertise, while continuing to learn about the needs of the women farmers in Mali. We aim to assure that our Giving Back Initiative is providing the support how and where it is needed.

You can learn more about our Giving Back Initiative here.

Colorado Coalition for African Empowerment:

The Colorado Coalition for African Empowerment is comprised of twelve Colorado registered non-profits that are scaling up based on their collective successful empowerment projects in nineteen African countries. CCAE was introduced in 2010.

The Coalition strives to empower impoverished sub-Saharan African families and orphaned children by creating holistic and sustainable projects that result in self-support through collaborative fund-raising and grant efforts.

We’re on our way to reaching our goal of sending 1,000,000 lights to Africa, but we need your help. 

Interested in becoming a distribution partner?

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